Equipment and materials

The Swiss Dental Experts Clinic uses dental equipment manufactured by the German company SIRONA Dental System. SIRONA Dental System is the global leader in the manufacture of high technology dental equipment and accessories. This company's stomatological chairs and other equipment stand out with their calm and refined design, high quality and, metaphorically speaking, it's a Mercedes level dental cabinet. It's comfortable for patients undergoing treatment and doctors providing it. 

The Swiss Dental Experts Clinic uses only the very best and latest stomatological materials from Switzerland, Germany and Japan.

The Swiss Dental Experts Clinic is justifiably proud of its unique stomatological apparatus:

  • Panoramic oral  X-ray Orta FocXG
  • unique tooth restoration technological system CEREC
  • NobelBioCar tooth implant formation system
  • ZOOM! tooth whitening system