Aesthetic stomatology

The purpose of aesthetic stomatology is to make your teeth healthy and look beautiful. Want to smile like... let's say, some famous actor, singer or model? Bring along a sample photo and together we'll take a look at what we can do for you. Nowadays, there are almost no limits to aesthetic stomatology. A dentist can change the formal proportions, contours and enamel colour of your teeth. Or rectify overly evident gaps between teeth or colour in old fillings. The main thing is that your teeth and smile will acquire a completely new aesthetic aura that is quite like a work of art.

One form of aesthetic stomatology is tooth whitening with the ZOOM! system. Sparkling white teeth are one of the ways how your smile can acquire a fascinatingly aesthetic appearance. Swiss Dental Experts use the latest model of the famous ZOOM! system for tooth whitening. This system was created in 2001 and it caused a revolution among tooth whitening methods. The procedure is safe, painless and fast. The procedure involves the use of the special light-activated ZOOM! gel, a ZOOM! lamp and treatment. In just one hour, your teeth will become sensationally white.

However, one of the basic methods of aesthetic stomatology is aesthetic tooth restoration. For example, veneers and veneer shells in the form of ceramic plates are used, which are as thin as paper and are bonded onto the front of the tooth, giving the tooth an ideal form and colour.

Painless aesthetic tooth restoration using the unique modern CEREC technological system is becoming increasingly popular. It doesn't matter whether your tooth has completely disintegrated or has simply changed colour. Quite a lot of visible tissue is removed during tooth restoration and the form and colour of the tooth are created anew using artificial composite materials which resemble natural materials to the maximal possible degree. Today, with CEREC technology it is possible to redesign damaged teeth with the assistance of a ceramic implant which guarantees very high aesthetic effectiveness are just one visit. The process involves the use of a special CEREC-camera which photographs the nascent tooth comprehensively (3D) with the resultant images subsequently being processed and modelled on a computer. The parameters of the new tooth are sent to a milling machine. This device then mills a filling or inlay to the specified dimensions from a small ceramic block. The high precision of this system means that the prepared element can be adapted to the damage tooth ideally. Minimal interaction with the tooth ensures that there is no need to extract the tooth or make a crown. The result is a tooth that's as good as new in just two hours!

Of course, if you have special requirements, our dentists can create a special tooth design incorporating Swarowski crystals or diamonds. 


  • Whitening (with ZOOM! system) 
  • Aesthetic restoration
    •  Composite materials (highly-aesthetic) 
    •  Veneers (ceramic shells) 
    •  Cerec (system and technology) 
    • Tooth design (with Swarowski crystals or diamonds)