Caries prevention

Nowadays, caries occupies a leading position among dental illnesses. Regardless of the fact that a lot of information is available about this disease, the majority of people continue to view its onset irresponsibly, only visiting a dentist when they are afflicted by a powerful toothache or when their teeth begin to collapse. A prophylactic trip to the dentist helps to prevent the problem at the outset. Caries must be treated even if it has formed on milk-teeth. Specialists believe that caries prevention is one of the safest and most effective ways of avoiding tooth and gum diseases, as well as other ailments affecting the oral cavity. Enamel treatment at the Swiss Dental Experts Clinic is carried out using Tiefenflourid, which enriches tooth enamel with vitamins and stimulates its structural renewal. This method is also used if teeth are calcium-deprived or have stains. Likewise, we cover teeth with a special coating that protects them against caries (covering fissures with sealants). 


  • Enamel treatment with Tiefenflourid 
  • Covering fissures with sealants