Children’s stomatology

Kids are our special clients. A special Swiss dental programme for children has been introduced at the Swiss Dental Experts Clinic. Our dentists are trained under the supervision of Swiss doctors. There are many modern stomatological methods how to carry out dental diagnostics or corrections for kids quality and painlessly. We use all of them. For example, we cover teeth with a special coating that protects against caries (coating fissures with sealants). But there is one method in children's stomatology that is the most important of all - simply loving children and helping them to sense that the doctor is their friend. It's important to find a common language with children, to make feel at home and do everything to turn the treatment process into an interesting game. Kids visiting us can watch cartoons or look at their teeth on screen, play, draw and receive rewards in return for a tooth made well - medals and diplomas, going on excursions with the doctor and learning how to look after teeth, etc. We believe that kids should begin prophylactic dental treatment from the age of two and recommend visiting the dentist every three months so that they get used to their doctor. And we always ask parents not to tell their kids: "Don't be afraid! It won't hurt you!", but rather: "It will be interesting! It will be an adventure!"




  • Professional hygiene 
  • Milk-teeth treatment 
  • Milk-teeth extraction (with delivery to the tooth fairy) 
  • Covering fissures with sealants