Dental prosthetics

Inlays and onlays
Cerec; Metal; Zirconium (YZ); Chrome - Cobalt; Gold

Cerec; Metal ceramic; Zirconium; Poured; Plastic; Non-metal ceramic

Microprostheses; Partial prostheses (plates); Total prostheses; Prosthesis on implants

Dental prosthetics is the artificial renewal of lost teeth. Dental prosthetics provides the opportunity to restore missing teeth which have been lost due to disease or injury. The latest technology, materials and methods are used at the Swiss Dental Experts Clinic for dental prosthetics. Our dentists will recommend the best solution and materials. The Swiss Dental Experts Clinic also uses a unique panoramic oral X-ray Orta FocXG, as well as the CEREC contemporary technology system referred to earlier. This makes it possible to choose the necessary dimensions, form and colour for the new teeth quickly and precisely. Relatively speaking, prostheses can be divided into two basic types - removable and non-removable. Non-removable prostheses include metal ceramic and zirconium crowns, bridges and other fixed structures that visually and functionally do not differ from teeth in any way.




  • Inlays and onlays 
    •  Cerec 
    • Metal 
    •  Zirconium (YZ) 
    •  Crome - Cobalt 
    •  Gold
  •  Crowns 
    •  Cerec 
    •  Metal ceramic 
    •  Zirconium 
    •  Poured 
    •  Plastic 
    • Non-metal ceramic 
  •  Prostheses 
    •  Microprostheses 
    •  Partial prostheses (plates) 
    •  Total prostheses 
    •  Arch-type (with attachments)
  •  Implant prosthetics