Ortodontics is the branch of stomatology that handles malocclusion problems and their changes. Orthodontists take care to ensure that your teeth are evenly positioned. It is well known that an incorrect occlusion can lead to serious cosmetic problems or to tooth or gum disease. This service which has significantly expanded in recent years is available to patients of various ages. The formation of the correct occlusion is only part of aesthetic treatment, but also helps patients to avoid and protect themselves from various ailments leading to tooth and various jaw diseases. Previously it was believed that this type of treatment was only possible for children and teenagers. However, in medicine today there are many new constructions that make it possible to make orthodontic corrections for children and adults of various ages. Thanks to modern techniques, tooth corrections can now be made with an accuracy of up to a millimetre.




  • All types of malocclusion corrections 
  • Plates 
  • Metal brackets 
  • Ceramic brackets 
  • Zirconium brackets